'Beyond Bluecoat' Achievement

Jacoby-George, Archie, Fletcher, Rupert, Max (Year 5) and Sebastian (Year 4), all took part in the U10's Torridgeside City Football tournament on Saturday 13th May. They played 5 group stage matches, a quarter-final and semi-final (both of which went to penalties) before playing the final against South Molton, which they won 1-0.

Jacoby-George played in goal, Archie and Fletcher in midfield, Max as Centreback and Rupert & Sebastian as Strikers. They were all very proud of their achievements and were excited to show off their medals.

Congratulations to you all! What a fantastic display of determination and teamwork.

Oscar and Freddie in Year 5 have been playing rugby for Torrington Rugby Football Club for 4 years. They have both recently been awarded the Under 10 Coaches Player of the Year 2021-2022 for being supportive team players and demonstrating safe tackling. Oscar said that he enjoys rugby because "it gets me out of the house and I have fun". Freddie explained "my cousin got me into it and it makes me happy playing rubgy"

Congratulations Oscar and Freddie!

Troy in Year 5 has been a member of the Falcons Gymnastics Academy for 4 years, since he was just 6 years old. He has had the same coach, Alex, since he started and he really enjoys it. After trying out other sports such as tennis and football, Troy found gymnastics to be the sport for him and he particularly enjoys the trampoline and vault. He recently competed in a competition where he won 5 silver and 1 gold medal - a fantastic achievement.

Congratulations Troy!

Alfie in Year 4 has always shown a keen interest in football. He started Torridgeside U7/8 in the North Devon Youth League in Torrington. He then started Chivenor Development Centre who are in Partnership with Southampton FC in 2019 where he began to learn the skills and requirements of academy football including strict uniform and professional conduct expectations. He attended the development centre alongside Torridgeside and was soon asked to represent Southampton FC and commenced training with them too! Alfie was training a total of 3 times a week for both grassroots and the development centre and once a week for Southampton ready for match days on the weekend. This year, unbeknown to Alfie or his parents, he was spotted by a scout from Exeter City FC at a local football match where he was representing one of his grassroots team. They contacted him in August 2021 inviting him to attend a 6-week trial with the chance to attend their Youth Academy if the trial period was successful. He started the gruelling 6-week trial in August which saw him having to pause all other football training to focus on this. He would train for just under 3 hours 3 times a week at Exeter City's training ground which included both physical and academic work. He underwent vigorous fitness improvement training including the gym, fitness tests, strength and conditioning sessions and consistently understanding and learning about the body and how physical exercise can impact it and how we need to look after ourselves including health and nutritional learning. They are taught the importance of education and embed this into every session. 

Last week Alfie was given the amazing news that Exeter City FC would love to work with Alfie stating in a letter ' On behalf of the academy we would like to continue working with you here at Exeter City to develop your football. Please continue to play with a smile on your face and enjoy your football as you do'. Alfie is over the moon and is excited to be moving forward in his search to become a professional premier league footballer! Alfie will continue his last season this year in his local grassroots team alongside Exeter City until next year where he will end all grassroots and focus on the academy who will also work in partnership with Bluecoats to ensure that he is both thriving academically as well as in football. 

Congratulations Alfie!

Elliott in Year 1 got in contact with the Town Council about his concern for the amount of rubbish that was on the lane leading up from the school and asked if there could be some more bins in place for people to be able to throw it away. We are delighted to share that they agreed that a bin could be put in place at the bottom of the hill - I mean, they couldn’t say no to a 5 year old concerned about the environment could they?! 

In December 2020 the Mayor joined Elliott as he officially unveiled his new bin and cut the ribbon in a socially distanced ceremony. 

Well done Elliott!

Freddie in Year 4 has been a member of Torrington Rugby Club for two years. He really enjoys  the sport, particularly the ball skills and playing against other teams. Freddie has recently been awarded 'Player of the Year' by his coach. He earned the title for his commitment to club (only missing one session), his safe tackling and being able to run fast with the ball.

Well done Freddie!

Amber in Year 5 is a keen swimmer and has been a member of Torridgeside Amateur Swimming Club since the age of 7 years old. She has recently competed and been awarded the following medals:

Girls 9 Years

100m Fly - 1st, 100m Breaststroke - 2nd, 100m Individual Medley - 2nd, 50m Breaststroke - 2nd, 50m Fly - 2nd, 100m Free - 3rd, 100m Backstroke - 3rd, 400m Free - 1st.

Amber swims 3 times a week and really enjoys being part of the clubs as she has made some good friends there.

Well done Amber!

Oli (Year 5) and Poppy (Year 3) became members of Torridgeside Amateur Swimming Club after finishing their swimming lessons. Oli joined 3 years ago and Poppy joined amost 2 years ago. They attended the  TASC Awards Ceremony on Saturday 22nd February at Langtree Village Hall where they received numerous medals for their efforts.

Poppy - Girls 8 Years

50m Breaststroke - 1st, 50m Backstroke - 1st, 100m Individual Medley - 2nd, 50m Free - 2nd, 50m Fly - 3rd, 400m Free - 1st

Oli - Boys 9 Years

100m Free, 100m Backstroke, 100m Fly, 200m Free, 200m Back, 200m Individual Medley, 400m Free - All 1st.

Well done Oli and Poppy!

Phoebe in Year 6 participated in the School Games competitions in Exeter and Barnstaple. The competitions included swimming, sitting volleyball and tennis. Phoebe said "Swimming was my favourite". Winning the medals made Phoebe feel happy.

Well done Phoebe!

William in Year 5 completed the British Heart Foundation Heartstart Emergency Life Support Programme through his involvement with Bideford Sea Cadets. He has been with the cadets since November 2019. Through the programme William learnt how to:

 Well done William!

Lily in Year 5 has been attending Aikido since she was 5 years old. Now in Barnstaple, she attends weekly sessions and has trained hard. On Saturday 7th December she graded and was awarded the first part of her orange belt - this is her 5th coloured belt!

Well done Lily!

Heidi in Year 5 has been part of the Ruby Squad at Falcons Gymnastics Academy in Barnstaple for the past 3 years. In October Heidi won two bronze medals (vault and bars) for her local level 6 competition against several clubs. Also, at the beginning of November she also won all round gold with her team in Newton Abbot, also level 6. 

Well done Heidi!

Riley in Year 5 has been part of Xplosion Cheerleading in Bideford for over a year. He got into it through his older sister after attending an Xplosion Christmas Party and decided he wanted to join. Riley commented "We get to do all sorts of stunts. It's really fun and it has made me more confident". 

He recently took part in a cheerleading competition with his team as part of the Exeter Cheer Festival 2019. Out of nine classes entered they won 7 x 1st places and 2 x 2nd places. Even Riley's mum competed with a team and also won 1st place. 

Well done Riley (and mum!)