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Forest School is an educational programme developed from Danish ideas of working with children and young people in the outdoors, helping to build their self esteem, social skills and independence. Hands—on activities with natural materials develop practical and intellectual skills, which can be linked to the National Curriculum.

Forest School aims to boost confidence through setting students up to succeed. tasks are broken down into small achievable chunks that are matched to students’ capabilities. In addition, Forest School helps children become part of an effective and efficient team and to participate in a range of creative, sensory and environmental awareness activities. Forest School uses children’s learning styles as a basis for the presentation of all activities. Children who learn visually can access learning through the demonstrations. All activities are presented through speech for those children who learn aurally. Freedom to touch, feel and ‘do’ satisfies the kinaesthetic learner.

In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, children take part in Forest School on a bi-weekly basis. As the children move through the school, the Forest School site is available for specific bookings to complement other aspects of their learning. Children in specialist provision such as The Nest and The Bluecoat Group have regular access to the Forest School site. The team of trained leaders guide the children through the Forest School experience opening their senses to the wonders of the woodland world and instilling in them a care for the outdoors.  Exploring and using natural materials from the woods the children create things – some permanent, some ephemeral. Their skills in safely using tools such as secateurs and saws are developed under close supervision by the team.

All classes experience the fascination of cooking on a real fire. Throughout the whole experience the children are encouraged to be independent, responsible and successful at what they do. The resulting effect on their confidence and self-esteem is very notable.

Forest School is a powerful and welcome addition to life at the school.

Forest School Activities

There are so many activities that take place during sessions but here are some examples:

Forest School

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Making a Positive Contribution

Economic Security

All children should have their basic needs met; a secure home, food to eat and a right to education. If we are to secure even these very basic of needs for future generations we must consider issues of sustainability. In giving children knowledge of and love for their environment and some ideas on how to conserve and care for it. Forest school contributes to economic security for the future.