Bluecoat Friendly Grandparents

Our School’s Hidden Treasures!

Each week around the school you will find an amazing group of volunteers quietly getting on with a variety of activities, from gardening to sewing, baking to gluing, reading to helping with gymnastics. These are our BFGs – Bluecoat Friendly Grandparents. The group has been around now for well over a year and continues to grow. The children love having them around and staff are very grateful for any help they can give.

Our team of retired volunteers meets together once a half term to compare notes, have a laugh and chat about new projects to get involved in. We are so grateful to them for their growing involvement in the life of our school community. It is beneficial for both younger and older generations to interact with each other, something that some of our children may not have the opportunity to experience very much.

If you would like to join them please speak to Morag Flower or contact June Smart at reception.