Bluecoat at Home

Chapter 2 & Chapter 3

(Year 2 & 3) & (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Bluecoat Connect is part of our Bluecoat@Home provision. It is essentially the digital strand of the home learning that enables pupils to continue their learning beyond the school gates.

Our Bluecoat Connect provision is playing a pivotal part in our ability to provide remote learning to the families of our school community. The Bluecoat Connect provision in Chapter 2 and 3 is very similar, whereby children access learning materials that have been developed by classroom teachers through the Google Classroom platform.

Chapter 2 and 3: Google Classroom

All of the resources from the Chapter 2 and 3 classes are available through the Google Classroom learning platform. Each child will have their own unique login which will allow them access to their digital classroom, to engage with the learning resources that have been carefully curated by their class teacher. We have compiled some ‘How to…’ videos to help with any technical queries that you might have.

Live Tutor sessions

Children will be organised into ‘tutor groups’, which will be run weekly, and are primarily a social and pastoral session. Although if children have questions about any of the work, these can also be discussed. Each group will have up to eight children and they will always meet with a teacher. For safeguarding purposes, all meetings will be recorded. It is preferable that cameras are on for the meeting, but this is a personal choice. Please refer to letters in Parentmail for further information.

Structure of Learning

Google Classroom:

When in Google Classroom itself, there are three tabs at the top: Stream, Classwork, and People.

  • Stream contains any messages from teachers, to which children will usually be able to add comments.

  • Classwork contains all the learning resources, which are divided into four ‘topics’. These are: Remote Learning, Flipped Learning, Home Learning, and Learning Aids. (See below for more detail).

  • People just lists the other class members.

Remote Learning:

During this lockdown, all your child’s normal in-class learning will be here. This will usually be broken down by subject. Previously, this section was primarily there to be accessed by any child who had to self-isolate, but the materials were available for all to see.

Flipped Learning:

This is where children undertake a task in advance of learning about it fully in class the following week. The idea behind this is not to replace any learning that takes place in the classroom, but rather that children gain prior knowledge or basic understanding, which can then be built on in class, and children are therefore better equipped to master the learning objective. This could, but is not limited to, take the form of a research task, vocabulary or spellings to learn, revision of a maths concept, or a video to watch and take notes on. These tasks are set for a Friday, due in by the following Wednesday. It is important to try to maintain this routine throughout the lockdown period. In Chapter 3, these tasks are now uploaded on a Sunday evening, but do not need to be started until the Friday after.

Home Learning:

This section contains any other learning to be completed at home, usually reading and Mathletics. The traditional Home Learning Booklet is also here, listing ideas for more practical topic-related activities. During lockdown, these topic related activities should be considered an optional extra. We appreciate that keeping on top of the remote learning may mean you feel there is no spare time to be doing anything extra; however, the more practical focus of these activities may be a welcome change from the computer screen.

Learning Aids:

This contains additional resources designed to support learning across a range of subjects, but are not additional tasks. As an example, these may include Knowledge Organisers, help videos and spelling or vocabulary lists.

Useful Links:

We also make use of a range of third party learning platforms to supplement the learning that pupils at Bluecoat receive. These links are available on the Bluecoat@Home landing page.