'Beyond Bluecoat' Achievement

Troy in Year 5 has been a member of the Falcons Gymnastics Academy for 4 years, since he was just 6 years old. He has had the same coach, Alex, since he started and he really enjoys it. After trying out other sports such as tennis and football, Troy found gymnastics to be the sport for him and he particularly enjoys the trampoline and vault. He recently competed in a competition where he won 5 silver and 1 gold medal - a fantastic achievement.

Congratulations Troy!

Oscar and Freddie in Year 5 have been playing rugby for Torrington Rugby Football Club for 4 years. They have both recently been awarded the Under 10 Coaches Player of the Year 2021-2022 for being supportive team players and demonstrating safe tackling. Oscar said that he enjoys rugby because "it gets me out of the house and I have fun". Freddie explained "my cousin got me into it and it makes me happy playing rubgy"

Congratulations Oscar and Freddie!