'Beyond Bluecoat' Achievement

Alfie in Year 4 has always shown a keen interest in football. He started Torridgeside U7/8 in the North Devon Youth League in Torrington. He then started Chivenor Development Centre who are in Partnership with Southampton FC in 2019 where he began to learn the skills and requirements of academy football including strict uniform and professional conduct expectations. He attended the development centre alongside Torridgeside and was soon asked to represent Southampton FC and commenced training with them too! Alfie was training a total of 3 times a week for both grassroots and the development centre and once a week for Southampton ready for match days on the weekend. This year, unbeknown to Alfie or his parents, he was spotted by a scout from Exeter City FC at a local football match where he was representing one of his grassroots team. They contacted him in August 2021 inviting him to attend a 6-week trial with the chance to attend their Youth Academy if the trial period was successful. He started the gruelling 6-week trial in August which saw him having to pause all other football training to focus on this. He would train for just under 3 hours 3 times a week at Exeter City's training ground which included both physical and academic work. He underwent vigorous fitness improvement training including the gym, fitness tests, strength and conditioning sessions and consistently understanding and learning about the body and how physical exercise can impact it and how we need to look after ourselves including health and nutritional learning. They are taught the importance of education and embed this into every session.

Last week Alfie was given the amazing news that Exeter City FC would love to work with Alfie stating in a letter ' On behalf of the academy we would like to continue working with you here at Exeter City to develop your football. Please continue to play with a smile on your face and enjoy your football as you do'. Alfie is over the moon and is excited to be moving forward in his search to become a professional premier league footballer! Alfie will continue his last season this year in his local grassroots team alongside Exeter City until next year where he will end all grassroots and focus on the academy who will also work in partnership with Bluecoats to ensure that he is both thriving academically as well as in football.

Congratulations Alfie!