The children are at the heart of everything we do here at Bluecoat and as such there is an overwhelming sense that it is their school.  There is an enormous amount of pride that comes from them and a desire to make the school the best it can be.

Year on year pupils from across the year groups are keen and excited to put themselves forward for a number of roles and responsibilities that are available to them; roles that allow them to represent their peers and their school.

'Beyond Bluecoat' Achievements

We often hear about the achievements of our pupils within the school but we know that there is so much more going on when school is finished and we love to celebrate this!

Click on the award to see some of our pupil successes that have happened 'Beyond Bluecoat'.

Year 6 House Captains

Team Tavy

Isadora & Cory

Team Torridge

Harper & Megan

Team Tamar

Mitchell & Willow

Team Taw

Rupert & Amelia

Pupil Councillors

The Pupil Council is an elected body of pupils whose role is to represent a valued pupil voice regarding key issues that concern the school, aspects of the local community and events further afield.Each year, every class votes for their representative who then attends regular meetings. It is the representative’s responsibility to relay ideas or concerns from their class to the Council, as well as to report back on items discussed during the meetings. This exchange of information provides the opportunity for all students to be involved in the decision making process concerning aspects which affect the life of the school. 

The elected Councillors for 2023/24 are: Dodge W & Lexi-Mai C (Year 1), Alec B, Spencer W & Violet H (Year 2), Josh A & Evie P (Year 3), Andrew C & Daisy P (Year 4), Isabelle F & Isabelle V (Year 5), Matilda D, Isabel W & Indie S (Year 6).

"I wanted to be a Pupil Councillor because I thought it would be fun. I like to help sort out people's problems. I make sure people are happy and I'm a good listener." Alex 4CD

"Pupil Councillors share ideas with each other about what each class wants to change/happen to the school. It's enjoyable and fun." Seth 2P

Collective Worship Focus Group/Ethos Ambassadors

One pupil from each class is chosen to be a representative in a Focus Group set up to monitor Collective Worship in the school.These children are also given responsibilities during Collective Worship sessions, such as introducing Collective Worship daily in Chapter 3, lighting the candle and leading the liturgy for the day. In Chapters 1 and 2, the children might set up the hall, light the candle and operate the music.All the children are given the opportunity to participate in our Church services.The group meets with Mrs Flower, the Collective Worship Co-ordinator and our link governor, Mrs Terry Insull, once every half term to discuss any matters related to Collective Worship and to offer any ideas they or their class might have. Once a year the group are invited to represent the school at a Special Celebration service organised by the Exeter Diocese for Church schools. 

The elected Collective Worship representatives for 2023/2024 are:  Tommy R & Alexia H (Year 1), Lillie T, Lily-Jane G, Nate & Xander T (Year 2), Edward V & Albert G (Year 3), Arthur B & Isla I (Year 4), Libby T & Maddie R (Year 5), Amelia B, Isadora D & Ishara V (Year 6).

Eco Ambassadors

The Eco Ambassadors are really pleased to be back up and running this year with members from each class representing all Bluecoat pupils.  We will begin by re-focusing on trying to achieve our Eco-Schools Silver Award as well as reinstating other initiatives such as keeping our school grounds litter free, collecting pens to contribute to the ‘Terracycle pen recycling scheme’ and collecting our food waste for Andigestion’s ‘waste to energy’ scheme.  

The elected Eco Ambassadors for 2023/2024 are: Freddie M & Matteo S-B (Year 1), Olivia G, Olivia B, Rupert W & Lily S (Year 2), Rita C, Arlo S, Herbie S & Olivia B (Year 3), George T & Lennie F (Year 4), Alfred F & Scarlett B (Year 5),  Ralfe W, Riley L-W & Lily V (Year 6).

Arts Ambassadors

The elected Arts Ambassadors for 2023/2024 are: Noah H & Daisy S (Year 1), Vinny D, Sophia P (Year 2), Chloe C & Evie B (Year 3), Vasilisa P & Bianca M (Year 4), Camden L & Aubree O (Year 5), Elana C, Mickayla R, Zach J-F & Ava D (Year 6).

"I'm really good at art and I like to see different pictures. I like setting up competitions because it is fun." Previous Arts Ambassador

"I became an Arts Ambassador because I like art and am good at it. We talk about art and share ideas." Previous Arts Ambassador

Sports Ambassadors

Within all PE, Sport and Physical Activity we will try to encourage as much physical activity as possible across the school; help others; lead by example in all lessons, lunch time, breaks times and after school clubs applying BLP at all times; promote fair play and following the rules. Year 5 and 6 Ambassadors will also train as Play Leaders.

During our meetings we will discuss and review PE and Sport initiatives across the school. We will also query and challenge to  promote the development of a fit and healthy school.

The elected Sports Ambassadors for 2023/2024 are: Erin W & Colby Q (Year 1), Esri B, Frankie C & Emily T (Year 2), Teddy H & Finley Y (Year 3), Theo B & Albie M (Year 4), Finley H & Brooke J (Year 5), Harry M, Cory J & Archie J (Year 6).

"I wanted to be a Sports Ambassador because I am really good at sport. I like raising money for charity. If you really like sport then you should apply to be a Sports Ambassador!" Previous Sports Ambassador

"Sports Ambassadors have meetings to share ideas about what sports we could do and how we can raise money for charity. We make sure there are sports opportunities for children." Previous Sports Ambassador

"It's good to be a Sports Ambassador because we try to encourage as much physical activity as possible across the school, we help others, we lead by example and promote fair play and following the rules"

Wellbeing Ambassadors

The elected Wellbeing Ambassadors for 2023/2024 are: Isabelle V & Millie-Mae P (Year 1), Connie B & Tula P (Year 3), Ella S, Jay Andrews & Layla A (Year 4), Madison C & Honey H (Year 5), Shea L & Seth H (Year 6).

Welcome to our newly appointed Wellbeing Ambassadors.  They have been hard at work thinking of new and exciting ways to raise the awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing across our school and highlight the importance of  kindness in helping to make people feel happy.  Our new ambassadors are already very enthusiastic and excited to help to empower the children at Bluecoat to feel safe and comfortable,  and they hope to continue to make themselves available in every class across the school to ensure the children are feeling happy and empowered to succeed.  

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators receive specialist training to help other children handle conflict and take responsibility for their actions during lunch and break times. Their job involves listening to both sides of the story and not taking sides to help find a solution to the situation.

The Peer Mediators for 2023/24 are: TBC

ICT Monitors

The ICT Monitors for 2023/24 are: Max H (Year 2), Paisley B & Reuben P (Year 3), Ellie R, Jaxon H & Summer H (Year 4), Sebastian A, Alfred F, Ashley G & Alanna C (Year 5), Charlie W, Hermione W, Megan Q, Effie H, Alexis S & Paige D (Year 6).

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