Torridge Flag

Our flag was designed by the pupils of Bluecoat Primary School as part of the 2015 Parliament Flag Project. Run by Parliament in collaboration with artist Jonathan Parsons, the project invited schools from across the UK to collaboratively create a shared picture of democracy by designing a flag for a unique digital exhibition. Following member nominations, 80 UK primary schools took part and the flags flew in Parliament Square between 15 – 22 May 2015.

Map of Flags in Parliament Square.pdf

Meeting MP Geoffrey Cox

Some of the children involved in the project met with MP Geoffery Cox:

"It was really nerve-wracking meeting Mr Cox but he eventually made me feel more comfortable. I got a lovely hello and a lovely goodbye" Frances C.

"We went to Ms Fleming's office to speak to Mr Cox about our flag design. he was really nice. Even though as soon as I walked in I was nervous, but once I got to know him he put my fears at ease" Belinda R.

"When I walked into the room be made me feel really comfortable. He talked to us about the flag project and things to do with it and when were going he relied 'it was nice to meet you'" Harley W.

"When meeting Mr Cox I was quite nervous becuase I had never met an MP before, but he was really kind and nice" Luke P.

The Flag Design

The four colours have several meanings:

The Fleur de Lis represents Torrington and is our school emblem and the emblem of Great Torrington Senior School.