We have a highly motivated staff team at Bluecoat C of E Primary School, bringing a diverse range of skills and experience.

Strategic Leadership Team

Headteacher: Angela Fleming

Deputy Headteacher & Chapter 3 Lead: Matthew Newall

Assistant Head & Chapter 1 Lead: Janice Harris

Chapter 2 Lead: Karen Blease

Business Managers: Andrea Magarotto & Sarah Pester

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Chapter One Team

Class Teachers

Nursery: Mags Zaharia
Nest (Rec/Y1 +): Janice Harris

Class RMM: Misa Magee
Class RBM: Bridget Megson

Class 1N: Brittany Nudds
Class 1M: Kata Murray

Support Staff

Rachael Crockett, Roxie Nicholson, Lindsay Mills, Nicola Ashelford

Hayley Peters, Kristiana Sproge

Dawn Pollard, Jazmine Gist

Kate McAllister, Julie Turner, Beau Isaac, Alice Jones

Chapter Two Team

Class Teachers

Class 2G: Sophie  Gyllenship
Class 2M: Daisy Mills
Class 2/3A: Jasmine Ayres

Class 3P: Naomi Pluckrose
Class 3S: Jo Stevens

Support Staff

Sarah McHardy, Lucy Eastabrook, Jacqui Couch, Tina Palmer

Dave Stewart, Caroline Barnes, Shelley Insull, Julie Picillo, Sue Copp, Debra Lake, Catherine Britton, Freddie Ware

Chapter Three Team

Class Teachers

Class 4D: Jo Davenport
Class 4HO: Sarah Hogan & Charlotte Ovey

Class 5S: James Strode
Class 5D: Chris Dayment

Class 6B: Kate Bastable
Class 6H: Lucy Hay & Matthew Newall
Class 6V: Nicola Vinall

Support Staff

Val Howard, Tash Stapleton, Carey Davey, Nicola Gist

Sam Avery, Stacey Crane

Jodie Nudds, Milie Hallett

Bluecoat Group - Across All Chapters

Class Teacher & SENDCo for Specialist Provision: Wayne Bennett
Support Staff: Sharon Balman, Carly Howes, Sue Tyrell, Freddie Ware, Oscar Scoynes, Abi Bidwell

Forest School

Forest School Leaders: Dean Webber & Sue Copp

School Staff

Administration Team

Business Managers: Andrea Magarotto & Sarah Pester
Administrators: Nicky Brown, Kerry Jeffery, Gina Nudds, June Smart

Inclusion Team

Chapter 1 SENDco: Mags Zaharia 

Chapter 2 and 3 SENDco: Karen Blease
Specialist Provision SENDco: Wayne Bennett
Safeguarding & Inclusion Administrator: Tanya Gasiorowski
SEND & Inclusion Practitioner: Marie Dayment

ICT & Network

ICT Support Manager: Marten Gallagher


Librarian: Tina Palmer
Volunteer Library Support: Vanda Barkham


Resources Assistant: Carey Davey

Mealtime Assistant Team

Lead MTAs: Julie Peters & Tash Stapleton

MTAs: Sharon Oliver, Zoe MacDonald, Kellie Armstrong, Louise Pyke, Abi Bidwell, Sharon Johns, Kristiana Sproge, Gina Weeks, Oscar Scoynes, Christina Lewis

Catering Team

Kitchen Manager: Hayley Ellis

Catering Assistants: Anne Bowden, Mandy Johnstone, Lynsey Smith

Premises Team

Premises & Cleaning Staff: Zoe MacDonald & Cindy Norris, Anne Davey, Nicola Gist, Julie Peters, Marie Rowtcliff, Lynsey Smith, 

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