We have a highly motivated staff team at Bluecoat C of E Primary School, bringing a diverse range of skills and experience.

Strategic Leadership Team

Headteacher: Angela Fleming

Deputy Headteacher: Matthew Newall

Assistant Head & Early Years Foundation Stage Lead: Janice Harris

Assistant Headteacher: Mathew Harts

SENDCo: Michelle Young

Business Managers: Andrea Magarotto & Sarah Pester

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Chapter One Team


Lead Practitioner: Roxanne Nicholson

Learning Mentor: Lindsey Mills

Lunchtime Support: Shelley Insull

Reception: Class RZ

Class Teacher: Mags Zaharia

Learning Mentor: Dawn Pollard

Year One: Class 1G

Class Teacher: Sophie Gyllenship

Learning Mentor: Nicola Gist

Nurture Group

Lead: Claire Meredith & Dean Webber

Forest School

Learning Mentors: Dean Webber & Sue Copp


Teacher: Bridget Megson

EYFS Practitioners: Rachael Crockett - Maternity

Learning Mentor: Hayley Peters

Lunchtime & Learning Support: Freddie Ware & Shelley Insull

Reception: Class RH

Class Teacher: Janice Harris

Learning Mentors: Louise Horwood

Year One: Class 1M

Class Teacher: Misa Magee

Learning Mentor: Julie Turner

Across Chapter One

Teachers (PPA/SLT Cover): Morag Flower & Sian Tennant, Cath Gross (Reading)

Learning Mentors: Jill Bond, Julie Andrews-Picillo, Jacqui Couch

Chapter Two Team

Year Two: Class 2B

Class Teacher: Karen Blease

Learning Mentor: Lucy Eastabrook

Learning Support Assistant: Carey Davey

Year Three: Class 3P

Class Teacher: Naomi Pluckrose

Learning Mentor: Kate McAllister

Year Two: Class 2A

Class Teacher: Jasmine Ayres

Learning Mentors: Sharon Balman & Alice Jones

Learning Support Assistant: Beau Isaac & Ewa Maslanek

Year Three: Class 3OM

Class Teacher: Charlotte Ovey & Daisy Matthews

Learning Mentors: Jacqui Couch & Sue Tyrell

Learning Support Assistants: Sarah Jolliffe

Chapter Three Team

Year Four: Class 4CD

Class Teacher: Christina Dayment

Year Four: Class 4H

Class Teacher: Sarah Hogan

Year Five: Class 5SG

Class Teachers: Kari Gibbons & Jo Stevens

Year Six: Class 6D

Class Teachers: Becky Drew

Across Chapter Three

Learning Mentors: Chris McConnachie, Lois Johns, Natasha Stapleton, Caroline Barnes, Phoebe Baker, Marie Dayment, Catherine Britton (Maternity)

Year Four: Class 4JD

Class Teacher: Jo Davenport

Learning Support Assistants: Kerry Burton & Carly Howes

Year Five: Class 5B

Class Teacher: Kate Bastable

Year Six: Class 6S

Class Teacher: James Strode

Bluecoat Group - Across All Chapters

Class Teachers: Wayne Bennett & Sian Tennant

Learning Mentors: Debra Lake, Sarah Jolliffe, Sue Copp

Lunchtime Support: Abi Bidwell

School Staff

Administration Team

Business Managers: Andrea Magarotto & Sarah Pester

Administrators: Nicky Brown, Kerry Jeffery, Gina Nudds, June Smart

Inclusion Team

SENDco: Michelle Young

Safeguarding & Inclusion Practitioner: Sonia Grant

Safeguarding & Inclusion Administrator: Tanya Gasiorowski

SEND & Inclusion Practitioners: Claire Meredith & Marie Dayment

Mealtime Assistant Team

Lead MTAs: Julie Peters & Natasha Stapleton

MTAs: Kellie Armstrong, Patsy Guppy, Ellie Heal, Carly-Jo Howes, Kate McAllister, Louise Pyke, Zoe MacDonald, Hayley Davies, Ewa Maslanek, Abi Bidwell, Freddie Ware

ICT & Network

ICT Support Manager: Marten Gallagher


Resources Assistant: Carey Davey

Premises Team

Caretaker: Richard Christy

Premises & Cleaning Staff: Nigel Munday, Anne Davey, Nicola Gist, Ellie Heal, Julie Peters, Marie Rowtcliff, Lynsey Smith, Anne Bowden, Zoe MacDonald

Catering Team

Kitchen Manager: Hayley Ellis

Catering Assistants: Anne Bowden, Catherine Fry, Mandy Johnstone, Lynsey Smith

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