Art and Design


Being an Artist at Bluecoat...

At Bluecoat we are passionate about delivering an engaging, aspirational and diverse art and design curriculum which enables all children to fulfil their creative potential. 

We believe that every child is entitled to develop critical and creative thinking skills, and to build their knowledge and understanding of all discipline areas.


We intend to build skills and knowledge through a creative curriculum embedded in experience. 

Enabling pupils to think about the impact of art and artists to all our lives, we will ensure our pupils feel able to express themselves, developing an understanding of the arts and the world around them through talking about and making art.  

We want our children to be passionate about the arts, developing the creative thinking skills and knowledge to enable them to express themselves confidently and creatively within a wide cultural context 


At Bluecoat the implementation of the Art and Design Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is planned using the Curriculum Maestro model. 

The art and design projects are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s skills and knowledge of visual elements, art forms, artists and art movements. Each project allows children to investigate art; be taught basic skills; practise those skills; then gives time for children to plan, create and evaluate their own work.

Early Years

In the Foundation Stage, Art and Design is taught as an integral part of topic work and is embedded throughout the Cornerstones Curriculum. The objectives taught are mostly taken from the Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design statements from ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ and the PSED Early Learning Goals.

Key Stage 1

Pupils are taught:

1. To use a range of materials creatively to design and make products 

2. To use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination

3. To develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space

4. About the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work.

Key Stage 2

Pupils are taught to develop their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design. Pupils are taught:

1. To create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas

2. To improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials [for example, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay

3. About great artists, architects and designers in history.


Arts Ambassadors

At Bluecoat, we have a group of Arts Ambassadors, creative pupils who promote the arts and use their voices to contribute to the quality provision in school.  Arts Ambassadors share their skills with others, advertise arts events in school and the wider community, give a voice to the issues that are important to us and support the engagement of all pupils.