Creative Arts

Bluecoat Art Gallery

Children at Bluecoat have been creating some high quality artwork - so much so, they are worthy of their own gallery! Click on the chapter links to view some of examples of what the children have produced.

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on"  - Albert Einstein

"Every child is an artist" - Pablo Picasso

Arts Ambassadors

At Bluecoat School we have a group of children called Arts Ambassadors. They help to keep our creative and vibrant school moving forward in the arts and ensure that we are meeting pupils’ needs and listening to their voices.  One child is selected by their peers or teacher (depending on the age of the class) from Reception to Year 6.  These children then form the upper and lower school Arts Ambassadors teams.  They remain in this role for one academic year.

They were chosen for this role to:

They will meet at least one afternoon a term and together develop the arts at Bluecoat C of E Primary School, through being good examples, creating videos of techniques and ideas, contributing to the curriculum, displays and experiences provided for the whole school.

PE (Dance/Gymnastics)

Sports @ Bluecoat

Here at Bluecoat we're incredibly proud of the sports provision we're able to offer, both within and in addition to, the curriculum.

To find out more about our commitment to both physical and mental wellbeing, visit our dedicated Sports@Bluecoat page.