Creative Arts

Linked to Creativity and Innovation Curriculum Driver

Creative Arts Team

Janice Harris, Naomi Pluckrose, Daisy Matthews, Kate Bastable, Jo Davenport, Rebecca Hallett

At Bluecoat C of E Primary School we believe in providing an environment and ethos that not only encourages creativity, but is in its very nature creative.

We want to give children the opportunities and life-long desire to express themselves in a variety of creative ways. We strive to develop the skills to not fit into a box that someone else creates, but to think outside the box making our own creative world.

Creativity in music, art, dance, drama and creative writing are not the only ways to be creative. At Bluecoat the children themselves have decided that we should also include cooking, writing, thinking, speaking and ICT in ‘the arts’ as they are creative mediums. Bluecoat children are creative thinkers, designers, makers and performers.

Arts Ambassadors

At Bluecoat School we have a group of children called Arts Ambassadors. They help to keep our creative and vibrant school moving forward in the arts and ensure that we are meeting pupils’ needs and listening to their voices. One child is selected by their peers or teacher (depending on the age of the class) from Reception to Year 6. These children then form the upper and lower school Arts Ambassadors teams. They remain in this role for one academic year.

They were chosen for this role to:

  • be ‘the voice of the arts’ in their classroom during discussions about learning and the curriculum;
  • speak to their class, the school and visitors about current arts projects and experiences and show an interest in these areas (e.g. may attend clubs in or outside of school in the arts);
  • be confident to meet new people and speak to them; often the arts ambassadors are called upon to do guided tours for visitors to the school, (this role will help build confidence);
  • show a passion for one or more of the arts;
  • show or be developing a real flare or talent for thinking creatively and seeing things in a different way – a model for others.

They will meet at least one afternoon a term and together develop the arts at Bluecoat C of E Primary School, through being good examples, creating videos of techniques and ideas, contributing to the curriculum, displays and experiences provided for the whole school.